Before your visit


Thank you for making an appointment with us! Here’s what we’d like to share to make you feel at ease before our first meet up. You might have chanced upon us online or you might have seen our works somewhere or a friend of yours may have recommended us, regardless we love seeing each of your enquiries and dream dresses!


Each appointment is an hour long. And we serve each bride-to-be one on one. Meaning you have the space and comfort to look at our studio with your fiance or your girlfriends. Do note that on weekends, there may be other appointments after yours so the hour would be strictly adhered to so that not only you but other brides would be able to enjoy the non obligatory session! If you have yet to make an appointment, do contact us via the various ways below.

What to Prepare

Do prepare some inspirations of what you like, what you visualise, etc. so we can better understand your preferences. It can be in the form of screenshots or your pinterest board!

What to expect of the meetup

For non-obligatory we mean that we will offer our advice for free! Even if you eventually chose not take up our services, we hope that you’ll walk away with more knowledge on what works and what nots! 🙂 We will advise you on what’s the best type of gown for your body shape, the colour to suit your skin tone and the pros and cons for embellishment and what works better for the venue you picked. We may also do a quick sketch for you to show that we get your preferences. It is taking your ideas of a dream dress with our expertise and creating one that will look best on you!


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* by appointment basis only*