Bespoke Gowns

Bespoke Custom Make Dresses & Gowns

Why a bespoke gown? What’s the difference between a custom made gown compared to a off-the-rack piece? The main difference is the exact measurements and aesthetic persuasion of the bride. We are all made of different body types and shapes, some of us have a shorter torso, others, shorter lower body. Would a off-the-rack piece fit everyone well? No, unless you’re one of the lucky few 🙂

We take great pride in creating pieces that will flatter you and to not follow trends blindly as we strongly believe in timeless classic pieces that will look good on you even on your 10th anniversary as you look back on your wedding day.

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Evening Gown & Wedding Dress

Your own unique creation with personalisation

Hand picked materials

Professional advice by experienced designers

Lovingly handmade locally by Kleid Gown & Co.

Fittings can be held in the comfort of your home

Wedding Inspiration