Q&A with Kathy & Ivan

Kathy & Ivan

3 June 2017

Actual Day Wedding

Venue: Pin Si Restaurant

From Destination Pre-wedding to ROM to Actual Day Wedding

  1. Where did the both of you met?

Facebook Messenger.  Long funny story of being as stranger pen-pal for a year before we finally met in person at AMK Hub over a movie.

  1. How did Ivan propose?

He had 2 proposals done. 1st during our Bali Trip at Ubud – before bedtime (12am) after a long day of hiking since 3am. 2nd at Robertson Quay Bridge. I called it as the soft launch and actual launch.

  1. How did you guys decided on doing a Melbourne Pre-wedding instead of a local one? Is it a destination that holds something special to the both of you?

I studied in Melbourne during my Uni Days, and that is also when we started our Long Distance Relationship between Melbourne and Singapore. Hence Melbourne is very significant for both of us during our dating days.

  1. Any funny or memorable event that happened throughout the whole process?

We took everything slow from the moment the proposal kick start as we both felt that there is no need to make extreme plans over our wedding. The proposal itself is already funny. And the visitations to different wedding shows and bridal shops is always memorable to us.

  1. Any tips or advice for other brides and grooms to-be on planning their wedding?

I am definitely one of the most casual brides to be, but maybe this is why hubby and I we never had arguments during the entire planning of our wedding. We do come to differences in opinions. But it is always the case where by each other taking one step back and work your way round for conclusion. Wedding planning is a happy process. Never get bugs down by money, do what you can afford. If a bride wants to have a nice bespoke dress, then go for a wedding at a good restaurant instead like me.

  1. Kathy did a bespoke gown with us, is a bespoke gown better or a rental since you’ve had the chance to wear both?

Personally, bespoke is definitely better as it fits my body shape nicely. And also not forgetting the
length wise has been trimmed till the exact and I have no difficulties walking beside my hubby during our march in with my high heels.

If I have another chance I would definitely still opt for a bespoke and make my current bespoke dress even more amazing!

  1. Share with us your wedding!

Photos are evidence! We both had ALOT of fun during our wedding. This is definitely what we agreed after the entire episode. Till today, we still reminisce over the entire journey from our proposal till our pre-wed shoot till the actual wedding day.

  1. Did you guys DIY any aspect of the wedding? How was it?

Hubby DIY-ed the AngBao Box with our new Multi-Rice Cooker Box at the very last hour when the bride me was down with fever. We printed our photo for all our guests to doodle on, whilst till today we are still trying to figure out who are the people who sign off their wishes there, it has definitely become one of our joy over the dinner whenever we sit in front of our dining table. My cousins are good bakers, so they helped to DIY our mini dessert table

  1. Any marriage advice to share?

As the old saying goes, be understanding always and try not to have too high expectations on each other. Whilst we are still newlyweds, we are always exploring on each other everyday.

Thank you so much Kathy & Ivan! We wish the both of you everlasting marital bliss!

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